Vacation Style

Since I had shared with you previously some of the things I was hoping to find and wear on this vacation, I thought I might as well share some of my island style. 
Packing for this trip was a breeze, dresses, sandals, and bikinis galore. I promised the hubs to pack as lightly as I possibly could. And I some how managed to do just that, getting Baby Sis's and my own clothes in one carry on. I'm stumped as to how I did that, but it happened. A great tip for those momma's traveling with little ones, pack clothes for them that can be tossed if you don't have room after all the shopping you do while on vacation. I took PJ's and play clothes that the girls were growing out of that I didn't have any attachment to so that they could be thrown away before we headed back to reality. I even left behind a few of my own things, an old beach cover up to be exact. Another little tip, pack inexpensive clothing. I'm a worrywart  so I always think something could happen, therefore I don't like to take expensive clothes, shoes, etc when I'm traveling in case anything gets lost especially when checking bags in an airport. And aside from my Mini MAC nothing else was so valuable I would die if it were lost. 
 Dress: Forever 21 | Hat: H&M | Bag: Rebecca Minkoff | Bracelet: ILY Couture | Necklace: Lotus Blossom Design | Sandals: Target [same here] | Sunnies: Coach
Shirt: H&M | Necklace: Luxe Craving | Bracelet: Lotus Blossom Design | Skirt: TJ Maxx

Dress: H&M | Sandals: Target [same here]
 Bathing Suit: H&M [old, similar here] | Hat: H&M
 Dress: H&M | Necklace: Luxe Craving | Watch: Target [same here]
Shirt: H&M | Bathing Suit: Abercrombie [top here & bottoms sold out online, hipster bottoms here] | Sunnies: Kate Spade
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Maui Moments

Aloha! I'm  baaack!
And the first thing I want to say is, Congratulations to Dana R, who is the winner of the Lotus Blossom Design giveaway. For you ladies still looking for this bracelet, rest assured Gina of LBD informed me that she will be restocking this gorgeous bauble bracelet. So don't fret. Keep checking their site.
Now, I want to start of this week sharing some moments from our vacation to Maui. If you've been following me on Instagram you may have seen some of the things we were up to, lots of it on the beach, and then some.
I hope you all enjoyed a little peek into our vacation. It was definitely an amazing week. 
Tomorrow, I'll share some of my vacation style. So come back!
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Beauty by Tiffany: Make Your Own Lip Scrub

Hello again ladies! I'm back for another beauty post before my sister returns from her vacation! Let's jump right into it ...
No lady wants wrinkles on their face! Well while we are all using anti-aging products, let's not forgot our lips! Probably the most wrinkly part on our face that gets neglected the most! Lip wrinkles aren't as noticeable and everyone has them, might as well give them some love too! Here's an easy DIY lip scrub and with religious use every other day or a few times a week, you'll see a difference with less wrinkles meaning less creasing for your lipstick!
I personally use Bubblegum Lip Scrub from Lush ($9.95), but other lip scrubs are more expensive, especially from Sephora! It's amazing, I rub a tiny amount on my lips before any lipstick application and lick off the excess because it is flavored for the consumer's benefit! 
But here's a quick way to make your own lip scrub at home with things you can find in your own kitchen or bathroom!
1. Grab a dot of Vaseline and tiny amount of brown sugar or regular sugar and go ahead and mix the two into the palm of your hand.
2. Take the mixture and rub it over your lips and the sugar will begin to dissolve and break up the old skin.
3. Take a clean tissue and wipe the excess of the mixture off your lips and apply your favorite chapstick!
... TA DA (as big sister Claire would say)! Now that you scrubbed your lips and they should feel extra moisturized and softer already! Add this to your morning routine and before you know it, the lines on your lips will begin to go away. This lip scrub will allow your lips to absorb more moisture and make your lips appear softer. 
Let's take away the wrinkles from every part of our face!

If you haven't already entered the Olive Bracelet giveaway, here, go now. Giveaway ends tomorrow. You've got a few hours left so go and enter now.
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Beauty by Tiffany: Staying Matte

Hello ladies! While my sister is soaking up the sun, I'm here giving you some more insight for Spring makeup! Spring is only the beginning of warm weather and that only means more sun shine! Unfortunately, for some of us, that only means one thing for our skin ... more oils, on top of sun protection (as if that doesn't make me shiny enough!). I've always struggled with oily skin so I'm always excited when I see matte-fying face products!
I've come across three drugstore powders that I use religiously to keep my face matte through out the day. All of these products are available at local drugstores, except NYX cosmetics (that are newly available at Target). All of the powders rangle from about $9-10, so they are very affordable! The three I am about to share will be suitable for any occasion!
Neutrogena's Shine Control Powder is great for everyday use and blotting! It's made with rice protein complex which is used in blotting sheets! This powder comes in one color which is "Invisible 10." It's a transparent powder. You can see it to set your makeup or even to place on your t-zone over a foundation powder. It's a great one to carry on the go for blotting purposes. Even though it is a white powder, don't let that scare you! It does not leave any sort of white cast in pictures or dusty-ness on your face. I personally use this powder on long days spent at Disneyland and I stay matte all day, so I can guarantee it's long lasting! For all you ladies who like to keep it light and simple, this powder will not let you down.
Recently, Ulta had a 40% off (select beauty companies) sale and I had to grab a ton of products I've been wanting to try and of course I was immediately drawn to two matte powders. One of the matte finishing powders was the "Set It, Don't Fret It," mineral powder ... such a catchy name right? The second powder was a powder foundation called "Stay Matte, Not Flat" another cute name of course! Both are amazing powders that keep me matte through out the day! The mineral powder gives such a flawless finish and is light weight...  perfect for setting your foundation and concealer. For the days I prefer more coverage, I use the powder foundation. I find it comparable to Mac's Studio Fix Powder Foundation ($27), and not even half the price! Depending on the coverage you prefer, both these products do what they claim ... keep you matte through out the day!
Another popular matte powder is the "Stay Matte" powder, unfortunately I haven't tried this one out, but our cousin, Brittney has! Here's her review on the matte powder from Rimmel Cosmetics! Very affordable and great for young girls to women!

Whether you're a full coverage girl, just looking for a flawless finish, or just simply want to stay matte and natural ... one of these three powders will definitely suit you and your skin type! With these drugstore prices you can't complain either! 

Don't forget to enter the Olive Bracelet giveaway, here. You've still got time so don't hesitate because this gorgeous bauble is selling like hot cakes.
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What I Wore: All Tied Up + A Lotus Blossom Design Giveaway [CLOSED]

Earlier this week, I shared with you all how I have been all over this knotted shirt trend for Spring. And I'm at it again. 
Knotting a simple shirt at your natural waist line helps accentuate your figure or gives the illusion of  curves. If you're like me and have a boyish figure the latter applies. This otherwise plain grey shirt would be lackluster and do absolutely nothing for my already lacking figure if it wasn't for knotting it. 
And look no skin has to be shown! So this knot trend doesn't have to be something garish or scandalous if worn this way. I went out to lunch with my mom and girls in this. If this was risque in the least you can bet I would not be caught out at lunch in it. I've left those days back in Santa Barbara.
Outfit Details:
Top: Target | Skirt: H&M [old, similar here & here] | Shoes: J. Crew Factory [same here] | Bag: Lockheart | Necklace: J. Crew Factory | Watch: Target [same here] | Bracelets: ILY Couture and A Lotus Blossom Design - Olive Bracelet [same here] | Sunnies: Coach | Lipstick: ????????

Now on to the part I know you've all be waiting for...the Lotus Blossom Design Giveaway. I know I've mentioned these lovely ladies at LBD numerous times and now I get the chance to introduce you all to them. These are the sweetest girls I've come to know. Not only do they have an amazing fashion blog but they also have their own jewelry line. 

Here's what they have to say:
Keeping it a family affair, Lotus Blossom Design was created by two sisters spanning from the East Coast to the West Coast. We love mixing our styles and ideas together to bring you different perspectives on affordable fashion, and breakthrough beauty bargains to help enhance your natural beauty inside and out.

This week they've generously offered to give one lucky P&P reader they're newest and most coveted gem, the Olive bracelet [shown below]. As soon as I saw this gorgeous bracelet was available on their site, I knew I had to have it. It's even more stunning in person. If you follow me on Instagram, you'll know I wore this bracelet all weekend long and couldn't get enough of it. I received so many compliments on it and I know whoever wins this beauty will too.
Giveaway: The Olive Bracelet
Hand picked neutral baubles that light up your wrist. This beautiful ornate bracelet with toggle clasp will add instant sophistication to your ensemble. Valued at $12. 

The winner will be announced next Friday! Good Luck! And if the Rafflecopter doesn't pick you, go over to LBD and get yourself one because at $12 do you really want to miss out on this Limited Edition piece? I think not! 
Enjoy your weekend! As for me I'm probably on a plane or already in Maui as you are all reading this. But don't worry Tiffany will be stopping in with a beauty review for you next week and follow me on Instagram to see where I'm taking my Olive bracelet. 
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STYLELIXIR Style Sessions
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Vacation Style: Maui Edition

With our Maui trip just days away, I've been organizing like crazy, trying to make sure we have everything we will need. And of course that means clothes! Leading up to this trip I've been shopping for new goodies to take. Best part about shopping for this trip are all the fun dresses. I am totally a dress girl. Live in them all Summer long, so I assumed packing would be a cinch. Wrong, there were just way too many cute things out to choose from. I just wanted to buy everything.

But here the things, I've whittled my list down to.

Vacation Style: Maui Edition

1. A comfy cotton dress is a must for any vacation
2. Flip-flops are a total necessity
3. A hat to protect against too much sun (FYI, I'm obsessed with SPF and anything that protects against sun damage)
4. Needed at least 1 new bikini for this trip
5. A denim jacket is always nice to have for when it cools off a bit. Plus it goes with virtually anything.
6. Print shorts are just so stinking cute.
7. Jewelry that can go with any outfit
8. A canvas tote for all those beach necessities
9. Aviators are the perfect pair of sunnies for all occasions
10. A dressy pair of sandals for dinner
11. Chambray shirt makes for a great beach cover up and plays double duty when paired with a bright skirt
13. Printed shift dress are just fun

Can't wait to be in Maui! And don't worry I've got a fun giveaway from A Lotus Blossom Design for all my loyal readers while I'm away. So keep checking back.
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