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Hello ladies! While my sister is soaking up the sun, I'm here giving you some more insight for Spring makeup! Spring is only the beginning of warm weather and that only means more sun shine! Unfortunately, for some of us, that only means one thing for our skin ... more oils, on top of sun protection (as if that doesn't make me shiny enough!). I've always struggled with oily skin so I'm always excited when I see matte-fying face products!
I've come across three drugstore powders that I use religiously to keep my face matte through out the day. All of these products are available at local drugstores, except NYX cosmetics (that are newly available at Target). All of the powders rangle from about $9-10, so they are very affordable! The three I am about to share will be suitable for any occasion!
Neutrogena's Shine Control Powder is great for everyday use and blotting! It's made with rice protein complex which is used in blotting sheets! This powder comes in one color which is "Invisible 10." It's a transparent powder. You can see it to set your makeup or even to place on your t-zone over a foundation powder. It's a great one to carry on the go for blotting purposes. Even though it is a white powder, don't let that scare you! It does not leave any sort of white cast in pictures or dusty-ness on your face. I personally use this powder on long days spent at Disneyland and I stay matte all day, so I can guarantee it's long lasting! For all you ladies who like to keep it light and simple, this powder will not let you down.
Recently, Ulta had a 40% off (select beauty companies) sale and I had to grab a ton of products I've been wanting to try and of course I was immediately drawn to two matte powders. One of the matte finishing powders was the "Set It, Don't Fret It," mineral powder ... such a catchy name right? The second powder was a powder foundation called "Stay Matte, Not Flat" another cute name of course! Both are amazing powders that keep me matte through out the day! The mineral powder gives such a flawless finish and is light weight...  perfect for setting your foundation and concealer. For the days I prefer more coverage, I use the powder foundation. I find it comparable to Mac's Studio Fix Powder Foundation ($27), and not even half the price! Depending on the coverage you prefer, both these products do what they claim ... keep you matte through out the day!
Another popular matte powder is the "Stay Matte" powder, unfortunately I haven't tried this one out, but our cousin, Brittney has! Here's her review on the matte powder from Rimmel Cosmetics! Very affordable and great for young girls to women!

Whether you're a full coverage girl, just looking for a flawless finish, or just simply want to stay matte and natural ... one of these three powders will definitely suit you and your skin type! With these drugstore prices you can't complain either! 

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  1. Great review! I wish Canada had an Ulta! :(



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