Wednesday Wishlist

There's always room for more! Here are a few things I've been eyeing.
1. Gap Jaquard Mini Skirt $59.95 | 2. Bauble Bob Necklace $18 | 3. J. Crew Collection Contessa Pumps $278 | 4. ASOS Petite Floral Mini Dress $67.82 | 5. J. Crew Collection Etta Pumps $378 | 6. Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC in Mint $195 | 7. Bauble Bop Love Cuff | 8. Topshop Lace Crop Top $56 | 9. Forever 21 Retro Geo Shorts $11.80 | 10. J. Crew Stripe Bandeau Swimsuit $94

I've been looking for a swimsuit that resembles the orginial Barbie's and this J. Crew one is pretty darn close.  What do you think? 

Happy Hump Day!
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  1. great picks! that bathing suit is a great match! xo

  2. Thx G! I thought so too. Xo!

  3. when i was scrolling down, and saw the jcrew bathing suit, the thought of barbie immediately entered my mind and then i kept scrolling and saw what u wrote.


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