Friday Fancies: Retro Inspired Swimwear

Love it or hate it, retro inspired swimwear is popping up everywhere. With my Maui vacation just 2 weeks away, I've been on the hunt for a fun new bikini. And after looking online and in stores, I've noticed that just about everyone is coming up with their own retro bikini looks. 

I personally think they're adorable. But I haven't seen it on anyone in person nor have I tried one on. Iconic women like Marilyn Monroe wore similar type bathing suits during their time and looked beautiful. But it makes me wonder are these types of swimwear more suited for certain body types. 

Here's Taylor Swift spotted on several occasions in a retro inspired bathing suit.
 And here are some I've found that caught my interest. What do you all think? Love them? or Hate them?
TopShop | ASOS | Betsey Johnson | Forever 21| ASOS

I'm caught in the middle with this trend. While I love the pin-up inpsired look I don't know if I could pull of this trend or even if it's suited for all body types. Personally I feel like the different cuts of the bottoms could possibly be quite unflattering. If the bottoms come up too high, would it cut into your stomach if say you're not as toned as these models. Or maybe these are going to be a great option for the ladies who've just given birth. And if you're like me, who enjoys a brazilian bikini bottom because well you're lacking a little oomph in the back end, are these going to be too much coverage? 

I'm sure as the weather continues to heat up more of these will start to appear. I'm ready to see who will be sporting one this Summer. And you may just find me in one of these too.

I'm dying to hear your thoughts on this bikini trend, so please share.
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  1. Cute finds! I don't know about the high wasted bikini but the full pieces are so lovely!


  2. Just found your blog. Fun reads:) I am loving the retro swimwear Boden has some great ones too!!

  3. Hello, Elvy!
    Great post! Retro swimwear is a great choice for many girls as well as for me :) I just love these bikinis! Feel free to check out my blog on the subject! www.myhighwaistbikini.com


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