Overalls: Fad or Fab?

With so many new trends constantly arising, we all have to make a choice whether it's worth trying or just leaving it to the Kardashian's to make a fool of themselves in. 

The trend that I'm coveting and I believe is having a major fashion moment right now is, overalls. We all remember these from when we were kids, they weren't the hottest things around but they definitely had their moment. But now we're seeing it popping up in stores, on celebs and bloggers alike.
Take a look at how these fashionista's styled their overalls.
I, personally, am kind of obsessed with this piece of clothing. And it's definitely not like the ones I wore as a kid. Instead many brands are making a go at this trend and taking it from just functional to fabulous. Short or long, both seem to be making a comeback and I can't wait to wear my overalls.

Here are some of the overalls I've found during my search for the right pair.
What do you think? Will you be trying this trend?

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