Easy Easter Cupcakes

With Easter just days away, I wanted to share a fun little activity I like to do with my girls. We don't get to crazy in our house over Easter,  but I do try to incorporate some elements of the holiday just so the girls can have some fun seasonal things to do.  
A tradition of ours is to make Easter cupcakes it's pretty much the same each year but as they get a year older they become more involved in making them. And they're always excited to help more in the kitchen. It's super easy to make and what kid doesn't enjoy playing with frosting and candy. 
What You'll Need:
-cupcake liners
-cake mix [boxed or your own recipe will do]
-frosting [can or your own recipe]
-bag of coconut flakes
-egg shaped candy [we used M&M's this year, but in the years past we've used mini Robin's eggs]
-small ziploc bag
-blue & green food dye [you could just use green but I like to add a little blue]
First, bake your cupcakes. Once they're done let them cool. While they're cooling, fill your ziploc bag with the coconut flakes add a few drops of dye, and let your little ones shake away. I made 2 baggies so each one of my girls could make their own "grass."
 Once they've cooled and the coconut flakes now look like grass. Frost the cupcakes and let the little ones decorate to their hearts desire. They'll be so proud of themselves and eating and sharing them will be that much more fun.
FYI, the aprons are from Target. They were in the dollar section months ago. 

Hope you all a wonderful Easter weekend!
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  1. these look so yummy and so cute for easter! i have a cupcake mix im making tomorrow but i might have to top mine off like this! so cute

    XO Meghan
    citrus fashion

    1. Your cupcakes will be a hit! Hope you have a great Easter with your friends and family!

  2. My mom uses these same ingredients but to make cake. So good!

    Happy Easter :)


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