What I Wore: Pencil Skirt Dressed Down

Pencil skirts are everywhere these days. It's a classically feminine essential for any wardrobe. But for someone like me, whose lacking curves it's very hard to find a pencil skirt that fits well and gives the illusion of curves. That's why whenever I find one I immediately buy it.
Every woman needs a few pencil skirts in their closet. They're great for dressing up or down. For casual days running errands and going to lunch with my girls, I love pairing a pencil skirt with a graphic tee. The silhouette of a pencil skirt dresses up the look of a graphic tee and gives it a feminine appeal.
Big Sis loves posing for pictures. So much personality bottled up in one little girl.
Outfit Details:
Jacket: Abercrombie & Fitch [similar here] | Shirt: Target [old, similar here] | Skirt: H&M [old, loving this one] | Shoes: J. Crew Factory [same here] | Belt: from another dress [similar here] | Necklace: Luxe Craving [same here] | Bracelets: Lotus Blossom Design [shop here], Stella & Dot | Sunnies: Vince Camuto [same here]

And lastly, the beautiful Kristi of Biscuits & Navy tagged me in the 5 Things post that has taken over the blogosphere. So here I go...

1. I was one of those crazy *NSYNC fanatics back in the day and still am. My bedroom walls were covered from ceiling to floor in posters from J-14, Tiger Beat, and Bop magazines. And I was a member of every fan club of theirs, even won concert tickets in D.C. The day they do a reunion concert be sure I'll be there, front and center. Come on JT we're all waiting on you!

2. As a kid, I used to spend my allowance buying Wet 'n' Wild's $0.99 nail polishes. Had the total with tax, at my local Long's Drugstore memorized. And every week I went in for a new color. No wonder I still have an obsession for nail polishes. I started young.

3. I don't have a sweet tooth whatsoever. Chocolate does absolutely nothing for me. The only thing sweet I ever really want is a Root Beer. Weird I know. But for some reason I just don't like deserts

4. I almost had Baby Sis in the car. We barely got to the hospital in time. According to the security cameras I was there for 7 minutes before the nurses delivered my sweet Ivy Pearl. The Hubs didn't even get to see her arrive before they were screaming for him to come over and cut the cord. And my OB definitely didn't make it in time. Oops! That's what I get for assuming I was fine and not wanting to wake up Big Sis just to go to the hospital at 6 am. 

5. I love reality tv shows. My DVR is full of them. I watch everything from the Bachelor to the Real Housewives to Jerseylicious. My newest guilty pleasure is Vanderpump Rules. These shows are absolutely ridiculous but it's just so hard to turn off. They're so addicting. As soon as the girlies are sleeping I turn them on and catch up on them. Then discuss them with my bestie, Liz. I'm pretty sure we talk about them as if we know them and we could possibly invest a little too much time into their lives, but we just can't seem to tear our eyes away from their craziness.

Now I tag the lovely ladies of Lotus Blossom Design, Citrus Refreshing Fashion, Everyday Fashion & Finance, Ruffles & Sequins, What I Bought Today. Share 5 things we don't already know about yourselves girls.

Have a fabulous weekend!
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  1. I adore pencil skirts and graphic tees - such a fab pairing, especially with your denim jacket on top!! Love that necklace!

    Thanks for the tagging lady! Unfortunately, I almost never participate in them :P I really appreciate you including me in it <3

    Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  2. Tasha, thanks girl! And no worries. XOXO,


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