Big Sis's Style: Valentine's Day Ballerina

I've had so many mom's in the last couple of weeks ask where I picked up my daughter's tutu. So I thought I would share it with you all too. I'm first going to say that as a young SAHM I totally get the need to budget. Since the kiddies grow so fast that I almost never buy anything unless there is a ridiculously good sale. And I'm always one of the first to hit up Target the day after a holiday. Especially after Valentine's day, all things pink call my name. Plus those heart Reese's are AMAZING and at 50% off how can I resist!?

So here's my little ballerina...
Crown: Icings | Sweater: Target [old] | Leotard: Children's Place [snagged this last year right after Valentine's day for $3] | Tutu: BuyBuyBaby [purchased last year, loving this one, I spotted a very similar tutu at TJ Maxx recently]

Thanks for reading along!
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    1. Awww! Thank you so much. I'll definitely check out your blog.



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