Big Sis's 3rd Birthday Recap

Monday was Big Sis's 3rd birthday! It seriously blows my mind how quickly she's grown up. She just bring so much joy to our lives. And for just being 3 her personality is much larger then she is. This little  ballerina isn't just an amazing daughter, she's also an incredibly protective big sister.

So I wanted to wrap up all the birthday festivities and share them with you today instead of the typical Friday Fancies post. This year we decided to not have a big party since we just had one for Baby Sis, but it didn't mean we were going to slack in anyway on the celebration part. Instead we took Big Sis to Sea World and Medieval Times. The girl had a blast. Check out some of the pictures from her birthday.
Loving her Cinderella Vanity that Daddy picked out for her.
Can't have a birthday without cake.
"Oh" Baby Sis!
They just love penguins!
Our Birthday Princess
Getting a big hug from her blue knight who saved the princess.
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!
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