Makeover Monday: Fuchsia Lips

So Tiffany, has definitely gotten me into bright bold lip color. Before her I just really didn't have that much interest in lipsticks because it made it almost impossible for me to kiss my little ones and I just love them to pieces and theres not a moment in the day that I don't want to just plant kisses all over their cute little cheeks. But with Tiffany's help she's shown me how many great options there are for non-smudge lippies. And I've pretty much fallen in love with the bold lip trend. Though I save those for days where I'm actually going to be seeing people that are over 3 feet tall. 

Anyways, Tiffany has offered to share some ways for you all to try out this Summer lip trend.
I was inspired by my sister's Steal Her Style posts to share with you all how to recreate a popular celebrity makeup trend. So many fashionistas are going bold this summer and rocking the neon lippie! With a smokey eye or even a simple makeup look, the neon lip is perfect for summer! It goes with so many different looks and makes you look like you put effort into doing your makeup any day! Works for blondes or brunette, light or dark skin tones, and dramatic or classic makeup looks! 
Here's the daring Katy Perry rocking the neon lip with a dramatic smokey eye and the fashionista Nicole Richie rocking the same lippie with a more neutral eye!
This limited edition lipstick has been brought back for good! It is the brightest lipstick I've ever laid eyes on and is described as a neon pink lipstick. It has absolutely become one of my favorites. In a previous post I also mentioned there was a drugstore dupe for this color, Maybelline's Fuchsia Flash [see the review here].
Check out the side by side comparison:
MAC vs. Maybelline
Though on camera you cant tell the finish the colors are almost identical, however when on Fuchsia Flash isn't nearly as bright as Candy Yum Yum. But it's still a definite steal if you want the MAC look but don't want to splurge.

Also, Candy Yum Yum has a matte finish which is also another hot lipstick trend that I'm a huge fan of.  But if you're not to sure about the whole matte lipstick thing, a great option to give the same bold lip color, is Lancome's Poodle Skirt.
This lipstick has a bright blue undertone with tiny amounts of shimmer. I am not usually a fab of shimmer of glitter, but this lipstick has the perfect amount. In the light, you can see more of the blue undertone. So if Candy Yum Yum is too bright, this shade of pink is a bit lighter and will not appear as neon, but will still give you that bright bold lip color you are looking for.

Well I hope you all enjoyed Tiffany's trend to try. And wishing you all a fabulous week!
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