Review: Joe Fresh for JCPenney

This Canadian based company launched it's collection for JCPenney this week. I was super excited to check it out. I've seen many other bloggers wearing Joe Fresh, so this collaboration couldn't have come at a better time.

Joe Fresh offers women's essentials at afforadable prices. I would say they are comparable to that of H&M, Target and Gap. The JCPenney collection includes your classic button down shirt in an array of colors much like J. Crew. This is a great way to get that classic J. Crew look without shelling out the big bucks. And going along with the popular colored denim trend they also offer skinny jeans in just about every color.
So you can see why I was so excited for this collaboration. But like any department store clothing brand, I was prepared for everything to be too big. And I was right. They offer the typical department store sizes 2-16 and XS-XXL. This is what I don't get, they can offer an XXL but not an XXS. It would make their clothing that much more accessible if they did. Despite this problem, I did find that they're essential button-ups do run small enough that an XS fit quite nicely. And with all the color choices it was hard not to want to grab them all. I only picked up 2 on this trip if you're wondering. Be warned, if you are any smaller then me you're definitely not going to fit the button-ups. 
I didn't even bother trying they're bottoms or dresses just by their sizing, I knew they weren't going to fit. And when I held them up my beliefs were confirmed. For those of you that can fit them, they have some beautiful options. However, I did try on a couple of their crochet and lace shells. But just like most everything else they were just too big. I really wish they did fit because their prices are great and the quality didn't seem to be lacking, which I think for JCPenney that's a good thing. I've never found JCPenney to have great quality clothing and really do appreciate that they're attempting to step up their game with this collaboration. I'm hoping that with time maybe they'll offer more extended sizes or create a petites collection.  
All in all, I definitely think that if you aren't on the petite side this is definitely a collection you should check out.
FYI: I'm not really a petite, I find myself generally on the edge of petites and regulars. At 5'4 I generally take regular sizes in most everything. I do find that if petites are offered, bottoms are better fitting in a petite size because I have narrow hips and not much going on in the rear end department. But shirts I definitely get regular sizes otherwise they're too short. I take a petite only at J.Crew, Ann Taylor, and Loft. ASOS petites run very small so I always take a regular with their items. Hope this helps you gauge your sizes.

So go and 'Joe Fresh' your closet up for Spring.
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  1. Totally agree with you, JCPENNYS has done a great job on their spring collection.

    If you get a sec, check out my latest post 'Bold in Blue'.



  2. Thanks for the great review and pictures Elvy! I thought the lace shorts looked really cute and the stripe dress. I'm only 5'0 tall though, so sounds like sizing might be an issue. Might have to check it out.

  3. I am going to head to JC Penney today to see what I can find. There are a couple of new lines that I have heard good things about.



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