Beauty By Tiffany: Look Fresh With Drugstore Makeup

As promised my sister, Tiffany is back with her beauty tips. And the best part, all of these products can be found at your local drugstore or my favorite place, Target.
Here's what she has to say:
For the ladies who are always in a rush, but want a fresh look, here are some products I've found that are great for quick makeup application! These are my favorite products and tricks for quick makeup looks!
1. Apply your favorite face powder
Cover Tox Ten Anti Wrinkle Powder - Physicians Formula ($10-$12 at your local drugstore)
Brush: E.L.F [buy here] | Powder: Physician's Formula [buy here]
I recommend always putting on a powder even for those bare face days! This is translucent powder with an anti-wrinkle formula (not sure if the anti-wrinkle formula works for me since I'm only 21, but it's never too early to start using anti-wrinkle products!). This will give your bare face a great finish and keep you from getting too shiny throughout the day. The powder does come in a mirror compact with a small brush applicator, but I like to use my powder brush from E.L.F. (only sold at Target for $3 or online here). This dense flat top brush is good for powder or liquid foundation application because it prevents streaky-ness and distributes the product evenly. Feel free to use your favorite powder whether is translucent, powder foundation, or an SPF shine prevention powder, any powder will give your face a soft finish.
2. Cream Eye Shadow
24 Hour Color Tattoo by Eye Studio - Maybelline ( $5-$6 at your local drugstore)
buy here
This is my favorite part of this "on the go" makeup look! I am addicted to these cream eye shadows! They are an one swipe method to give your makeup look an extra spark. These cream eye shadows come in a variety of colors for everyone's taste. I personally recommend Bad to the Bronze, it's the most versatile color for all skin tones and gives you a complete eye look in one swipe. For more intense-ness feel free to darken it with more applications and I guarantee you will have a more sultry eye look. I've pictured a few of my favorites and Inked in Pink is from their new Metals Collection (available now at your local drugstore). These cream eye shadows do not crease and can be used as an eye shadow base for the ladies who have a little bit more time on their hands. If you haven't picked one up yet, you're missing out!
3. Eyeliner/Eyebrows
Eyebrow Pencil - Rimmel London ($2-$3 at your local drugstore)
buy here
Here's a cool trick to try out! I believe eyebrows make or break a face, they can be shaped to make you look more youthful and give your face a full groomed look. Because I have black hair, I use darker eyebrow pencils (for dark hair, use a color that's three shades lighter and for light hair, use a shade three shades darker). After you've cleaned up your eyebrows, take the pencil and use it line your eyes over the cream eye shadow! Instead of having several products, we are taking one simple product and giving it more tasks. Perfect for tossing fewer items in your black hole of a purse.
4. Your Favorite Mascara
The Colossal Volum' Expresss - Maybelline ($5-$6 at your local drugstore)
buy here
I personally wear false lashes almost everyday, but on my "almost bare face" days I like to use Maybelline mascaras [any of them], because they're always a hit! This one particularly is for a cat eye effect, which has been trendy lately! Go ahead and curl your lashes and toss on a few coats and your eyes are done!

5. Lipstick & Blush In One

Temptress - Revlon ($5-$7)
buy here

 One last trick for you speedy ladies, use your favorite pink lipstick as a cream blush! I personally am a bronzer girl, but for you ladies looking for more youthful looks, a pink blush will give your face more youthful-ness! Swipe your lipstick three times on the apples of your check and use your fingers to blend away. Not only with the creamy-ness of the lipstick give your face a more natural blush, but it will last longer through out the day. Then go ahead and apply it as your lipstick and your look is completely done!



We all know there's a makeup product for every part your face, but on the days you don't have time, it's easier to grab a few essentials. With those couple of products you can give yourself a full look in the car or while rushing out the door!

Hope you all enjoyed these tricks! What are your favorite go-to makeup products?
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  1. Great trick with the lipstick! I am obsessed with revlon lipsticks, so I will definitely try this.

  2. great tips! i have to remember that lipstick one! xo

  3. Thanks for all the tips.





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