Updated - Fitting Room Review: Forever 21 v. J. Crew

I had absolutely no intention of buying anything today during our mall trip, but my sister convinced me to go into Forever 21 with her.

So to my surprise, I happened to walk through and stumble upon a heart print blouse, similar to The J. Crew boy shirt in Heart Throb. It immediately jumped out at me and I had to try it on to compare.

If your a huge fan of J. Crew like myself, you'll know that their Heart Throb shirt is hugely popular. But at $135 it's quite steep. However, I did purchase it a few months ago when it went on sale and J. Crew was offering an additional 30% off which made it approximately $60 or so. Even so $60 is quite a lot for a shirt, but every once in awhile I allow myself to splurge. And let me say I only shop J. Crew during a sale where they offer an additional percentage off.

 J. Crew 2012 Silk Boy Shirt in Heart Throb
2011 Silk Boy Shirt in Heart Throb [J. Crew Factory just released their version here]
First off, Forever 21's version is quite the bargain at $19.90. And I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of it as well. It's not that cheep sheer material they use on most of their button down blouses, it's actually a silk blend. The heart print is larger then J. Crew's, but still not overwhelming. And the color is a deep navy and red, similar to the 2011 color way from J. Crew. I did not see a black and white version like this past years Heart Throb shirt, maybe they'll release one later. My only real complaint about the shirt is the length. It's a bit shorter then I would like but when tucked into a skirt or skinnies no one would know. You can see and buy it on their website, here.

The gold buttons were a nice touch

Here is the J. Crew Heart Throb shirt. Notice the length difference?  My tank is not visible.
All in all, I thought this top was cute and for $19.90, it was a steal. So off to the registers I went to purchase the blouse.

What do you guys think? Good dup?


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  1. That F21 dupe is very cute!! I thought the heart throb blouse was cute but didn't get it because I have a heart blouse already. It's always nice when you can get the same look for a lot cheaper.

  2. would you say its more of a hot pink or red?

  3. could you do a look with this shirt please?


  4. Runnerforlife,
    I would say it is coral then red or hot pink. I did post a few pictures where I wore this shirt a few weeks back here, http://pigtailsnpearls.blogspot.com/2013/01/wearing-my-heart-on-my-sleeves_31.html

    Hope that helps! XX!

  5. do you think they're both knock offs of this blouse?


    tho i think i prefer the smaller heart prints of these 2 than the equipment blouse.


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